About our Camp Director

Sandy Sanders

Sandy Sanders is the founder, director, and the developer of the Sandy Sanders Camps of Champions.  His first basketball camp, back in the 70's, "got the ball rolling" on a lifelong commitment to bringing sports to the youth of Michigan.

Sandy's career in education began at the University of Michigan where he enrolled as an undergraduate, and from where his studies culminated in earning a Master's Degree in Administration, Supervision, and Higher Education.  His love of sports, particularly basketball, took him into coaching and into officiating - and his background includes these professional positions in addition to the teaching positions he has held over the past three decades.

The Sandy Sanders Camps of Champions have established a legacy in Southeastern Michigan, and throughout the state.  While many successful athletes can say they "graduated" from Sandy Sanders' camps, more important to him is his role in helping all young athletes learn how physical education can play an important role in their future - and how a love of sports can last a lifetime.

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